Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Econonomics
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ELTEcon team at the Smart City challenge

"Smart City Challenge" is a three-round team competition for BA-students, organized by MCC–T-Systems. The topic is the implementation of innovative thoughts on how to  develop smart cities, concentrating on smart mobility, the shared economy and smart business centers. The competition requires analytical sills, creativity in  problem-solving, savvy in policy-design as well as presentation skills. In this year's final round the teams had to implement a strategy for the town of Zalaegerszeg. Eltecon was represented by a team of three 3rd year students: Bianka Barcsa, Balázs Mayer and Viet Trinh Tuan, who, we are pround to report, came in second. Congratulations on the silver medal!

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