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Botond Kőszegi (Yrjö Jahnsson Award winner, head of the economics doctoral school at CEU):

I have had the chance to teach many former ELTEcon students at Central European University, and it has always been a pleasure. These students are uniformly bright, creative, and technically well-prepared. In skills, they compare favorably to economics students at UC Berkeley, where I was previously a faculty member for 11 years.


M. Dolores Collado Vindel (PhD London School of Economics), Professor of Econonmics at the University of Alicante on Norbert Czinkán (graduated from ELTEcon at 2012):

Norbert arrived to the Quantitative Economics Doctorate Programme offered by the University of Alicante with a solid background in economics acquired at the ELTECON. We would be pleased to consider more applications from there in the future as well.


János Köllő (Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest) and IZA (Bonn), lecturer of Labor Economics at ELTEcon)

Teaching outstanding students is both a joy and a burden. On the whole, my seven years at Eltecon, so far, has been dominated by joy: the delight of meeting talented, motivated and interested students. In the early years, studying/teaching at Eltecon was a risky adventure for both students and professors - today it is an almost risk-free investment providing predictably high returns to both parties. Most of our BA students continue at prestigious universities. Many of them join research projects already under their BA years and even more so later. Almost all the research assistants in my institute are current or former Eltecon students, and this is where the teacher's benefits come from: I got to know a future generation of researchers, many of whom already know more than I do. Learning from them will surely repay the sometimes painful burden of teaching them.


Ágota Scharle, executive partner, Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis (Phd, University of Oxford)

When hiring junior colleagues at the Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis (BI), an independent regional think tank, we use a multi-stage recruitment procedure to select applicants with a thorough background in Economics. Since we launched BI nine years ago, many of the young analysts we eventually hired have come from the Eltecon BA program. In all cases, we have highly appreciated their work: they have been inquisitive, hard working, well-versed in quantitative methods and able to make sense of different social phenomena using the framework of Economics.


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