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Gender and race

This is a follow-up course to the Labor Economics with Applications course (János Köllő), covering some topics that were not included (for example, wage differentials, discrimination, segregation) in detail.

During the course we will examine the labor market inequalities between different groups, as well as their causes and effects, along with labor market discrimination. As a starting point, we will look at statistically observable labor market differences based on Hungarian and international data. Since the integration of disadvantages groups is a main goal of employment policy and equal opportunity legislature worldwide, it is very important to clearly define discrimination and the other causes of the differences. These concepts are often mixed in public discourse, it is difficult to separate them and determine the true extent of labor market discrimination. Successful policies depend on an understanding of what type of differences we are dealing with, where and how they arose, and how we can help those affected.
In the first part of the course, we will study the main models of discrimination, their assumptions and implications, which are the basis of empirical analyses. Although the concept of discrimination may seem simple, in reality it is very difficult to determine its extent, and the topic often leads to heated debates. Objective statistical analysis is very important, so we will discuss all available methods, their empirical difficulties and limitations, because of which the true level of discrimination will always remain an estimate. We will implement the measurement methods during an empirical project using well-known statistical programs.
After a general overview of the theory and methodology, we will focus on the minority groups most relevant in Hungary: women, roma, and immigrants. We will also discuss pre-labor market discrimination, which is an important determinant of labor market differences.

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