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Natural resource economics

The aim of the course is to give perspective and methodology to discuss and analyze environmental conflicts on economic ground.

The first section focuses on the synthesis of ecologic, historical and economic approaches of the landscape change and its consequences on the endowment of natural resources and well-being.

The second section goes through economic sectors and public functions that all users or modifiers of the most relevant natural resources from Hungary's point of view

By my experience the essential condition of a meaningful economic analysis on an environmental topic is the localization of the problem into the boundaries of a landscape unit. The first section will bring case study for this approach. It is a priority of the lesson to let the students apply the concepts to a place they are familiar with. And to reach a rational economic framing of the environmental problems that provide the necessary information to choose the proper methodology.

The sequence of the project will drive by the logic of interconnections of the most relevant environmental problems, and not the sequence of the handbook.

The handbook that gives background to the course is: Tom Tietenberg: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics. pl http://wps.aw.com/aw_tietenberg_envnatrese_8/

To fulfill the course a week by week attendance to the lessons is presumed. At the end of the first part, all students have to choose a landscape and summarize its basic characteristics applying the developed perspective. They will have to expand this knowledge base in the second part of the course integrating the applying with the specific information of their chosen territory. It will provide the fundamentals to the preparation of final essays on the synthesized social - economic - ecologic landscape assessment that will give the written base of valuating their work.

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